Friday, March 29, 2013

We Are Having A Sale and a Giveaway!

We are having a sale from Sunday March 30 to April 2nd.  Everything in our store will be 20% off! Anyone that buys two items and leaves a comment on them I will send a FREE Sight Words Detective pack to. Our store only has our kinder pack listed but I will have a first grade pack going up as well for you to choose from.

Check our store out  HERE!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Race Car Tens and Ones

 This is a cute game that is super easy to put together and makes a great math station. Students will use counting skills, tens and ones, and greater than less than.  Best part is..... ITS FREE! 

Get this game HERE!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sight Word Detectives and a FREEBIE!!!!!

This pack is super cute. The pack uses the kinder Dolch sight word list. Here is a preview of just a few of the things you can find in this 53 page pack.

You can find the pack at out TPT store HERE!

And for this weeks FREEBIE!!!!!

Ocean Fractions
This pack is a great math station. The students will match the seahorse cards with the correct ocean. There is also a worksheet for the students to fill in. Hope you like it!!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Theme Literacy Stations and a St Patricks Day Freebie

I am loving this great weather we have been having this week! I can't believe spring break will be over tomorrow and then it's smooth sailing into the end of the year, right? I decided it's time for some super cute spring stations. These are great! If you like them you can check them out HERE!

The first station the student look at the pictures in the flowers and the match the pictures with the correct beginning blend. All the blends are r controlled. After all the flowers are in the correct pot the students will fill out the recording sheet.

The next station the students look at the pictures on the frogs and them group the rhyming frogs together. The frogs can be grouped on a blank lily pad or on the lily pad with the correct word family. Once the frogs are on the correct lily pads the students will fill out the recording sheet.

The next stations the students will be making words.  The students will be looking at pictures and writing the words out. They will be using r controlled blends in one activity and in the other they will be changing the beginning sound to make words.

For this station instead of word family ladders the students will be filling in the words on bees and flowers.

The last station the students will group the picture cards into regular and irregular plural nouns. After the cards have been grouped they will write the plural nouns on the recording sheet.

The packet covers fr, br,cr,gr,pr,tr and dr. It also covers the word families at, an, amp, ack, ake, ag, am, ap, end, en, et, ell, est,  ig, ip, ing, ike, it, in, og, op, ot, ox up, ug, ump, un and ut.  These activities each cover so many different word families that these stations can last for a while.

Have to have them? Get them HERE!

Because we also can't get enough of St Patricks Day here is a super cute FREEBIE that can be used for multiple activities. This can be used to match synonyms, antonyms, play memory or a cute racing game.

If you like the Freebie check out our packet of Math and Literacy stations for March. It's full of super cute stations! The pack includes ABC order, synonyms and antonyms, poetry, sight words, compound words, word problems, meaurement, making tens, least to greatest and so much more. This is such a great pack it is not to be missed! You still have lots of this month left and this is just what you need coming back after spring break!