ABC Station

Boggle! I love this. This is so easy and fun for the kids.

Upper and lower case letters match
This is a simple activity that can be put together to create a center. You will need to print laminate and cut out the wheels. You will then create a set of clothes pins with each letter of the alphabet on them. One set upper case and one set lower. The students will match the pin to the correct spot on the wheel.

Beginning and ending sounds

This activity is the same concept as the upper and lower case letters. You can reuse your clothes pins!!!! This time students will find the clothes pin with the correct ending or beginning sound.

Sight words are a very important part of grades k-2. A great way to use them in your ABC station is to have students build them with cookie sheets and magnetic letters. In your station you can have a variety of list so the students can pick the list that is just right for them. Then they begin to build. You can do this very easy to put together activity with sight words, math, science, or vocabulary from different books in class. The attachment I have on here is blank and an open file so you can save a blank document and then add the words you wish. In the Very Hungry Caterpillar unit there are vocab cards made and ready to use.

Blank sight word cards

At the start of the year another activity you can do in the ABC station is working with the students names. Each student will get an apple card ad write their name on it. Then you can take a picture of each student and put it on another apple. Picture taking is a great thing to come and let parents do and often they will even take the pictures and have them printed. Once the names and pictures are on the apples I would laminate them. Put the apples in center and have the students match the names to the pictures. If you are going to let students help pass out papers this is a great way for them to start learning each others names. Once they master this they can begin to put the apples in ABC order.


Here is a cute upper and lower case letter matching activity. I am working on a basketball match and it is coming soon!

 Here's basketball!

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