Gifted and Talent

The coming holidays are a great time to get your GT kids researching. Students can research the history of Halloween. Where did it come from, what countries celebrate it and how they celebrate it. Students can also research the history of the jack o lantern. Many countries don't use pumpkins, have your students find out what they use. I will warn you the story of the jack o'lantern involves a story about a man named stingy jack and involves God, the Devil, death and drinking so I would maybe steer away from that part depending on the age of your students.  Depending on your school policies if your students are researching the jack o lantern they could find a recipe that uses pumpkin and bring it in to share with the class.  As a group they could research different recipes and then write their own. If your school has the facilities you could allow the students to prepare it for the class and see if it turns out! This could be tied into math(measuring), writing, and science( liquids to solid). Get creative and have some fun!

Tic-Tac-Toe paper/games are a great way to keep your gifted learners engaged throughout the school day. In the beginning of second grade I would allow my gifted students and others to participate in tic tac toe book reports. By the end of second grade all my of my students were doing these. Enjoy!

I always enjoyed teaching GT but was always wondering are they going to be bored!!!!! We had a wonderful GT specialist that was always full of amazing ideas but other than that I had a hard time finding good ideas. I hope we can add some ideas on here you can use in your classrooms.

Building a Playground

This activity could be varied depending on your class age and capabilities.

The students can do this as a group or individually. They are going to build a new playground. The most basic level would be to give your students a magazine that carries playground equipment or let them shop online and pick equipment out and find the cost. From there you can have your students compare and find the best prices and how much money then can save. remember to include tax and shipping. To take it a step further get out the measuring tapes! Let the students measure out the current playground to see how much room the will have or an empty area on your campus a playground could go. Then they will use the square footage to see what equitptmen will fit. They should be looking not only at the size of the equitpment but how much space it needs surrounding it. Once your students have created the perfect playground they can write up a proposal. There proposal should include a budget, a drawing and why it is needed.

This would be so much fun for kids and as you can see this could be something really simple and then expanded as far as your kids are capable of taking it.

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