Things We Love

Now that I am staying home I have been searching for great teaching ideas for my preschooler. I found this amazing blog I love her stuff! I bought the letter of the week pack and we work on it everyday. He loves it, he always tells me "Lets do school work!" haha I wonder how long that will last! This leads me to the next thing I love. I started printing everything and quickly realized I was going to spend a lot of money laminating so I bought one. I was skeptical but I love it. I have used it so many times and have yet to have any problems. This would be so perfect for home or school. It's not going to laminate your large items but for other things it is great!

Haute Mommies and Bella Babies is a store in Clear Lake that I love! They have the cutest kid clothes, maternity clothes and awesome baby gifts! If you live in the area you should stop by or visit their website!

We recently celebrated Elise's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! These are some pictures from all of the things I made for the party. My favorite is the "E" on the door. I made it out of fake flowers from Hobby Lobby. It was very easy and was made during nap time. Enjoy!

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