Halloween More or Less

Halloween Addition Worksheet
Very simple and basic addition page. Perfect for pre-k or Kinder. Challenge your higher level thinkers to create their own Halloween worksheets. 

Halloween Flash Cards
Print and Laminate-let the games begin!

Clock Power Point
Whenever possible always integrate technology in your learning! Students will remain engaged longer.

October Calendar

Roll a Jack O'Lantern
All you need is dice, this paper , and orange construction paper. They could do this alone or with partners.

Counting Puzzles

These cute puzzles are super easy to get ready and a great center. Print, laminate and cut out the puzzles. Then have the students put the puzzles together by putting the numbers in order.

Every month I will post monthly calendars for your students to do. It is really important you do this first one together. There is a 10 question paper on page 2. This is a great math grade!

I love KWL charts. It's a great starting point for group discussion. Have them fill this chart out on their own. You can do a big chart on the wall and have them fill it out with post it notes. 

Math Web Game!
Use some cheerios or go crazy and get some m and m's. Have students show they know their math by placing their cheerios next to the addition problems.

Let's make Ten! 
Have students get with a partner and throw two counters on the game board to see who can make a ten. If they land on an apple they lose their turn! 

Glyphs are a great way to get your class motivated in math class. They love doing them and I've always enjoyed watching them make them. They are a fabulous way to teach students how to collect and analyze data. Always make  sure you extend the glyph activity by asking them questions.  How many red apples do you predict we will have? How many more brown leaves did we have? These questions keep them engaged and help your higher level students from getting bored. 

Review colors and shapes with your students. Print these posters out and have them laminated. This is a great tool to keep on your walls all year round.

Play color the squares! My old partner teacher and I use to play this game with our students all the time. It's a great time filler and fun activity!

Color the Squares

This activity can be used in a math station. Each picture card has a price on it. The students will match the picture card with the card that has the correct amount of money on it. The cards are all fun summer items. At the end of the year when the kids are ready for summer this is a great way to keep their attention. 

Always use technology whenever possible! This is a great power point to start teaching about fact families. Get your kids out of their seats and start singing! Oh yes, and don't forget you are the math queen/princess. The kids love it!

Clear The Deck

Clear the deck was a subtraction game we played with 10 frames and counters. The kids always liked this game. I have two pages. One with 10 and one with 20.

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