Monday, December 3, 2012

Polar Express Syllables

Today I had so many errands to run and two children in tow. We started out doing pretty well. We headed over to Target to get more Christmas lights, because you can never have enough, and that's when things went south! I decided to drive to the farthest Target from my house because they always have better stuff. I got the kids out and into the gigantic two seater basket and headed into the store. We walked in and after a few steps I stepped into a puddle of red juice, slipped and broke my favorite pair of flip flops! It was awful! I now had a broken shoe and could not finish shopping or I would have had to do it barefoot and did not feel like buying a pair of shoes for no reason. While all this was happening and no one that worked there seemed to concerned a very nice lady came over asked if I was OK and offered to buy me a new pair of shoes! It was so nice. She said, "It's Christmas can I please buy you a new pair of flip flops." Just another reminder why I love this time of year! For a stress reliever I came home and made an activity. Its a Polar Express Syllable sheet. I hope y'all kind find it useful! Happy holidays!

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