Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time for Treats

Every since the holidays have been over I feel like I have completely fallen off the wagon and can not get back on. I started looking through some clip art from Scrappin Doodles the other day and found some really cute clip art so that has helped motivate me some. I used it to create a really cute math station for time. It's at our TPT store here I decided to repaint my living room, move my sons into the same room and paint that room. I have finished that and I am really happy about how it turned our. My husband thought I was nuts when he came home from work and saw a newly painted living room. Now that I have finished that I plan to get moving again. Next up will be to upload our Presidents day pack and then more Horrible Harry book studies. When you are using a chapter book and want a book study to go with it what do you want it to have most of all?

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