Tuesday, August 28, 2012


As we have started working on this blog it has occurred to me that lost of people, including myself, probably don't know how to "blog" or all the things that google has to offer. Once you have created a google account you have access to so many things. First and probably the most popular is the Gmail account. What most don't realize is google is so much more. For instance blogger. Once you have your google account you can easily sign up for blogger. Once you have a blogger account it is is very easy to start a blog with their premade templates or to start following blogs. There is a section titled reading list and tab that says add. All you do is click there and start adding all your favorite blogs. Lets get real once you get on blogger there are tons of great blogs for any topic you are searching. This way you have all your favorites in one spot ready for you and you aren't have to search for them. Google can really be a great tool for teachers. Blogs are such a great way to find information and being able to follow them makes is quicker and easier. Google Documents and Google Calendars are another great tool for teachers. Both allow you to upload information and share with whoever you grant access. Google docs is a great way to share letters, homework assignments, or worksheets being created for class. You upload them to google docs and then the other teachers can save them and use them when needed. Google calendars would be great for grade levels. When something comes up you add it to the calendar and everyone knows what is going on. There are other great things such as Picasa and google earth. If you don't have a google account you should definitely look into getting one and explore all the great features it has to offer.

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