Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time Killers

 It never seemed to fail as perfectly as I tried to stay on schedule it never actually stayed that perfect. There were times in the day when we would have a few minutes such as lining up for lunch, going to lunch or packing up. Sometimes the kids would surprise me and do things quickly! This is when I needed time killers. I had two games we would play that the kids always loved and were so simple. The first was a math game we called guess my rule. I would draw a circle on the board and then pick a "rule" in my head, even or odd number, less than 50, multiple of 5, prime number whatever works for your kids. Then the kids would take turns saying numbers. If the number followed my rule it went inside the circle if it didn't it went outside. The kids would continue guessing numbers until someone could guess my rule.
Can you guess my rule????

Another game was similar but we played with the word wall. I would pick a word and give the kids clues about my words, has 3 letters, rhymes with, opposite of, homophone, synonym.  The kids loved this. Once they were used to the game if a student guessed my word then they would pick the next word. The kids loved it and it was a great way to get them familiar with the word wall.

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